Do You Need Office Holiday Party Ideas? We Have Office Holiday Party Ideas.

Some offices have eight people. Others have 80. But no matter the size of your company, there is plenty of space for getting creative with the imminent holiday office party. This year, indicate to members on the party-planning committee that they should consider the following handful of options in Lower Manhattan.

1) Take Everyone Ice Skating

New York’s only open-air rooftop ice rink, Winterland Rink, lets your entire crew skate up among the lights and Lower Manhattan’s glimmering skyline. Ticket prices fluctuate depending on the day, so maybe if you finagle a bit with their calendar you can find the right rate to fit the party budget. (Pier 17)

2) Who Doesn’t Love A Spa Day?

Treat your office to a little luxury at Wall Street Bath, a bona fide getaway for schvitzing out all those work-related (and non-work-related) toxins and absolutely one of the more unique experiences that all of NYC has to offer. (Pro-tip: Between sweat cycles in the Russian Room, be sure to dip yourself in the invigorating cold pool.) The group rate is $45 per person. (88 Fulton)

3) Play Hooky At A Morning Movie Together

Regal Battery Park has a bunch of theaters and shows more than a dozen titles at a time. Surely they’ll have something everyone will agree to see together — if not, just let people split up and hand out gift cards for the concession stand. Regal offers discounted rates for group purchases. (102 North End Ave.)

4) Party Like It’s 1762 

Head back to revolutionary times at the restaurant at Fraunces Tavern that serves up a side of history with its stiff drinks and delicious burgers. Lower Manhattanites have been tossing back whiskey and ale in this structure since the 18th Century, and there are several private party rooms to choose from. Obviously, for this hundreds-of-years-old hotspot, it’s better to make reservations sooner than later. (54 Pearl St.)

5) Make It A Truly Magical Evening

What began as a Kickstarter three years ago has since fully developed into a cocktail bar straight out of Lord of the Rings. The Cauldron NYC, a self-proclaimed “magical gastropub,” has all the fixings of a typical English pub, plus something a lot extra: When your pint gets poured by a 16-foot-tall “Tree of Life,” it’s certainly an extraordinary way to start off the holidays. Group bookings are available for its Potion Making 2.0 class.