Maestro Pasta Upgrades Your Italian Lunch To Go

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Few dishes are as universally beloved as pasta, and Maestro Pasta — offering a selection of fresh noodles made from scratch with organic ingredients every day — skillfully proves why.

From the corner of John and Dutch, the storefront window offers curious onlookers a glimpse into the world of industrial pasta-making, as the newly-opened fast-casual spot’s Willy Wonka-like machine transforms flour into enticing, bite-size morsels. “People can see the whole process of how pasta is made from scratch,” owner Alessandro Morani told the Downtown Alliance. “Also, we believe that no one in the city offers fresher pasta than us, since we produce pasta in small batches in order to keep it so fresh.”


Morani shares his passion for pasta noodle-making technology by simultaneously paying tribute to its rich history and taking a modern approach to serving Italian cuisine. The Maestro experience encourages patrons to customize every aspect of their meals by, first, choosing a dough (regular, wheat, gluten-free) and then deciding which pasta shape or texture you’d prefer for your meal.

Maestro also has up to six different sauces, such as the classic bolognese with pomodoro and slowly braised ground beef, or the adventurous curry with white sauce, red peppers, carrots and zucchini. You can add your choice of protein, such as traditional meatballs, and a selection of hard cheeses. (They also sell their pasta precooked for those who want to pick up a batch and make their own meals at home.)

One final note: Morani also prides his business on its eco-friendly approach with compostable dishes, cups and utensils. Check out their menu and stop by to experience a taste of Italy.

Check out our “Shop Small” video of Maestro Pasta on Downtown Alliance’s Instagram TV channel.