Five Reasons for Chowing Down at Bar Wayo

We’ve admittedly gone overboard with our continuous praise for Bar Wayō, David Chang’s latest installment in the Momofuku restaurant group. But the assumption is you wouldn’t be reading this if you weren’t interested. So, without further ado, some pros from our notebook upon a recent visit to the Seaport location (89 South Street, Pier 17) which opened last month.

1. They’re an incredibly friendly and welcoming staff

Seriously, if you don’t believe me, go to its Yelp page and hit control+F for “staff.” Everyone agrees.

2. It has a shrewd mix of indoor and outdoor seating

Just saying: If you’re with someone who’s unable to deal with the cacophony of the outdoor ad billboards and a bustling Friday night crowd, you’ve got options.

3. The Hamburger Dip ($18), don’t skip this one

The combination burger+au jus sandwich you never knew you needed — and it has just the right level of salt in the meat. Also: The onion rings pair up perfectly.

4. The Squid Seca ($12) is a playful starter

A large bowl of savory mollusk dusted in peanuts, chilis and rice puffs. It’s got some heat to it, which is why you should order with drinks from the bar to put out that fire.

5. Speaking of which…

Get the South Street Sling cocktail ($15), A+ with its gin-and-mezcal combination mixed with pineapple, macadamia, pomegranate, lime and bitters.

photos, courtesy Momofuku/Andrew Bezek