Federoff’s Got Impressive Cheesesteak Chops

By Joseph Ferris

A little bit of South Philly can now be found on a bustling stretch of Cortlandt Street at Fedoroff’s Steaks. This new brick-and-mortar brings the sandwich that the City of Brotherly Love is famous for – cheesesteaks — to Lower Manhattan. It’s the only thing they do and they do it with delicious results. 

When walking up to place your order, your eye is bound to wander just over the shoulder of the person working the cashier. That’s because Fedoroff’s slicer is constantly in motion slicing a stack of USDA Prime steak. Some places embrace creating their sandwich components daily in house. These guys are doing it in real time. 

While there is just one item on the menu, you still got some choices to make. Along with the 10 ounces of that prime steak, the house order comes with Cheez Whiz and fried onions. Or as your buddy from Philly would call it, Whiz wit. 

You can order without the Whiz and/or onions. There’s also the option to double up on the meat (for an extra $7.95), which turns what is already a hearty sandwich into what would most likely help tide over a small family for the rest of the afternoon. Extra Whiz, ketchup, hot sauce, mayo and cherry peppers can also be added. 

On my two visits, I’ve gone traditional because it’s like that old saying goes, when in Lower Manhattan do as a Philadelphian. And when it comes to Fedoroff’s, the sandwich lives up to the saying’s billing. 

It’s really kind of simple. Steak. Cheez Whiz. Onions. Bread. Put together, however, their powers unite. The mix of soft bread with steak and onions fresh off the grill than slathered with Whiz in the middle shows how simplicity can make an incredible sandwich. A sometimes messy, but incredible sandwich. 

It’s a three-person crew at Fedoroff’s. One taking orders (card-only) and two manning the kitchen. Wait times are reasonable if you order in-person, but if you are in a rush or don’t feel like waiting, you can order online

And what’s a few minutes in-line compared to a 90 minute train ride to Philly if you want to pick up some Jim’s, Pat’s, or Geno’s?