QB House Cuts To The Chase For Fab Hair

By: Jarrod Grim

I’m particular about my hair. I want a good haircut and friendly service in a well-kept shop. I like having “my guy” who can interpret my version of “short on the sides and a little bit off the top.” Having been to a series of barber shops in Chelsea, the West Village and in Brooklyn, I’ve gone to a number of folks and seen the quality run the gamut.

After my former barber got too expensive (no one should pay $65+tip for a standard men’s haircut), I happened upon QB House at 18 John Street in Lower Manhattan. Needing something quick, I took my chances — enticed inside by the modern storefront and straightforward design.

Twenty minutes later, I walked out with a great cut and only $20 lighter (not including tip). I was impressed by the friendly barber who was thorough and well-skilled. The shop itself was also impeccably clean.

QB House was founded in Japan, with stores in Tokyo, Singapore, Taiwan and Hong Kong. They just recently launched in the States, bringing Japanese efficiency, simple style and courteousness to the busy streets of downtown.