Solve The Missing Case In Lower Manhattan’s Sightseeing Theater Experience

By: Caroline De Tino

Ever wonder what it feels like to be part detective, part tourist? Well, let out your inner Sherlock Holmes and put your crime solving skills to the test with a tour like no other! Unlike traditional tours, Tour Noir: A Dame To Guide For combines the elements of theater and tours into one smooth experience allowing you to get in the middle of the action.

Start off at Hanover Square and team up with tour guide, Jason Thompson, and his mysterious ex-fiancee Veronica, to help solve the mystery of her missing husband. Hit the streets with your crew and explore well known landmarks such as Wall Street, City Hall, the Woolworth Building, and more. While out on the field sniffing for clues, you will experience the fear of ambushes and deal with ex-lovers’ quarrels!

Tours run approximately two hours in length and come in two packages options: The first one is just the tour, the second is the tour plus a lunch special at Rizzo’s Fine Pizza in Little Italy.

Experience this one-of-a-kind intersection of theater and tour! Tickets and information can be found here.