Small Business Spotlight: Pure Liquid Wine & Spirits

By: Heather Ducharme

Small businesses are an integral part of the Lower Manhattan community. In anticipation of Small Business Saturday (Nov 24), we’re introducing you to a local Lower Manhattan business on our new Instagram TV series “Small Business Spotlight” and on our blog every week.

Picking a bottle of wine can feel like a struggle worthy of Sisyphus. Grape varieties of all kinds. Vineyards from regions across the globe. Vintages stretching back in time.

Thanks to Henry Meer and his Oculus-located Pure Liquid Wine & Spirits, you can put that boulder down and quickly find just the right wine. As Henry puts, “We’re here to make sure you don’t miss your train.”

Henry’s vision for the store was to make it welcoming to wine drinkers at any every level of expertise. “Design was a conscious effort,” he explains. “It was to help you feel as if you were picking the right wine for the right time.” Like a perfectly paired wine-dinner combo, Pure Liquid is designed to help vino novices navigate their options while providing the aspiring sommelier with an engaging collection.

Under each wine bottle, there is a flavor profile guiding customers to their perfect choice by naming the producer, the type of grape used, and the overall taste of the wine.

Not only does Pure Liquid have something for every palette, their collection has something for every price point. There are more than 50 wines for under $20, and wine enthusiasts will be delighted with Pure Liquid’s vintage section against the back wall of the shop. Pure Liquids also features vodka, gin and whiskey from both small artisan producers and well-known brands.

The store hosts free wine tastings Wednesday through Friday from 4-7p, and all wines tasted are offered at 10% off. Stop by the shop for your chance to try some great wines, learn more about where they came from and meet Henry.

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