Small Business Spotlight: Boundless Plains Espresso

Jo Black, Owner of Boundless Plains

Jo Black, Owner of Boundless Plains

Small businesses are an integral part of the Lower Manhattan community. In anticipation of Small Business Saturday (Nov 24), we’re introducing you to a local Lower Manhattan business on our new Instagram TV series “Small Business Spotlight” and on our blog every week.  

Boundless Plains Espresso offers Lower Manhattanites a true taste of the Australian coffee scene where you can to experience the Aussie’s preferred ratio of milk to coffee to foam and it’s now-legendary love for Avocado Toast.

Named for a verse in the Australian national anthem that states, “for those who’ve come across the seas, we’ve boundless plains to share,” this woman-owned and operated business is the realized dream of Jo Black, an Australian transplant who was longing for home.

A former lawyer and mother of two, you’ll find Jo behind the counter on most days where she feels she can best combine her love of country, caffeine and fresh food with her business acumen.

Boundless Plains is a cozy shop located at 19 Rector Street with a welcoming spirit – thanks to Jo – that specializes in serving high quality espresso with cappuccinos, lattes and more. They also offer healthy and delicious snacks like their signature tomato toast, acai bowls and banana bread.

“We wanted to create something where you can get to know your barista. You get to know their name, they know your name and they know your drink and you look forward to seeing them everyday,” says Jo. Explaining the benefit of being small business in such welcoming and vibrant community, Jo added, “It’s easy to respond to customers preferences and what they’re looking for with our specials.”

Boundless Plains is getting into the fall spirit by adding some exciting autumnal specials to the menu. The additions include a roasted beet, spiced walnut and citrus salad and a maple and turmeric latte.

The coffeeshop has plenty of seating and a bright atmosphere, making it perfect for anyone looking to relax and enjoy a nice cup of joe.

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