Brew Your Own Potion In Lower Manhattan

By: Caroline De Tino

Just in time for Halloween, adult fun awaits in Lower Manhattan! Go back in time to Stone Street’s Bavaria Bier Haus for a unique, magical experience, Hogwarts style.

Through the end of the year, molecular mixology takes hold at The Cauldron. This nearly two-hour immersive class will transform you into a wizard and your potions into adult beverage elixirs. The magic begins when you don your robes and are handed a wand and potions. With your instruments in hand, you will create cocktails that change colors, fizz and turn smokey. The wand can also “magically” turn on mead taps. This cocktail master class will have you waving your wand and brewing delicious potions with mixology experts in no time for imbibing fun unlike any night of drinking you’ve ever had.

Off-peak classes cost $44.99 and peak classes are $54.99. Tickets, class times and more info can be found here.

It doesn’t matter if you are a Hufflepuff or Gryffindor, or even Slytherin, there’s a seat for you at The Cauldron