Primo’s Offers A Respite For Hungry & Thirsty Night Owls

By: Caroline De Tino

Tucked away in one of Manhattan’s longest nonstop running hotels, The Frederick, is a quaint little secret–Primo’s.

Inspired by mid-century Italian Riviera and Long Island social clubs, Primo’s brings together just the right amount of comfort and old fashioned Italian art deco and resort vibes. From the mismatched terrazzo tile, to the wood panelling in the back room, this bar is the perfect little getaway after a long day of work.

Sit down on jewel colored stools with an extra dirty martini and try out their selection of comfort food including the muffaletta sandwich, with fresh, roasted, or pickled vegetables served regularly; and for those who really enjoy the night time ambiance a baked fusilli and cacio e pepe pasta is served after midnight. If you’re not big on martini’s, try out their creative list of coffees, coffee cocktails (such as the Café Roma), extensive list of snow-cone absinthe coolers, and wines.

For more information on the menu, hours, and more, click here.