Support Our Lady By Helping Build Her A Museum

By: Caroline De Tino

Lady Liberty needs your help!

Throughout history, Lady Liberty has stood as a beacon of hope and freedom to both Americans and immigrants. With time, she has not only become a symbol of hope, but she has also become a major tourist attraction for New York. Roughly 3.5 million people a year visit Lady Liberty to see her in all her glory.

Now she needs our help!¬† The Statue of Liberty-Ellis Island Foundation is looking to finish it’s construction and open a new museum in 2019, devoted to all the history Lady Liberty holds (including her original torch), but this cannot be done without support and donations from her community.

From now until August 4, show your support by giving a shoutout on social media using the hashtag #ForLadyLiberty for a crowdfunding campaign, or by using their URL,, and tagging their social handles.

Anyone who shares and chooses to donate, will receive special swag. Those who contribute $19 or more will have their name permanently recorded in the Founders Registry. Other perks include: t-shirts, caps, campaign medallions, and more!

So donate to this wonderful story making our Lady Liberty’s museum a reality!