Animal Soul Floats Its Way To Brookfield Place

By Caroline De Tino

Get your selfie game on and prepare to have your socks blown off at the colorful and vibrant new exhibit, “Animal Soul” floating its way to Brookfield Place!

Created by painter and sculptor, Jason Hackenwerth, “Animal Soul” takes on various innovative shapes through latex balloons. These hard to miss creations come with 3 unique installations: Helio: the embodiment of the sun; Nagi: “Serpent” in Sanskrit; and Cronus: The youngest leader of the Titans in Greek Mythology. Each figure embodies one of these powerful beings as prehistoric or futuristic four-legged animals.

What makes this exhibit even better? Curiosity and touch is encouraged! Experience first hand every inch of these beautiful pieces of art without all the rules.

Float on down from July 11 to July 15 for this eye popping (and totally picture worthy) display of colossal proportions! More information on this event can be found here.