An Oasis Of Living & Coworking Awaits At The Assemblage

By: Caroline De Tino

With coworking becoming an affordable solution for small and large companies alike, many places in Lower Manhattan are offering services, including The Assemblage John Street.

Located at 17 John Street, The Assemblage is a unique building in Lower Manhattan offering 79 short and extended stay furnished apartments with 44,000 square feet of collaborative workspace, and incredible amenities.

There are three options to choose from for workspace:

House: All day access to desks in the common lounge and workspace area
Desk: A dedicated desk and all day access to all common spaces
Resident Studios: Access to a private office suitable for an entire team.

Amenities include private studios for teams of all sizes, meditation rooms and yoga studios for daily practice and de-stressing, Elixir Bar made to heal, re-energize, and elevate your mood, an outdoor terrace with wifi for a scenic working, dining, and social event experience, a screening room with 4K projector and seating for up to 25 guests for films created by artists and directors, and more!

The Assemblage also features a one of a kind Biophilic design for work and social spaces complete with plants and natural light to support mental health and well-being.

Enjoy your new home away from home with comfortable spaces for both living and working at The Assemblage.  More information on location, amenities, and tours can be found here.