Two Greeks From Greece Arrive In LM

By: Owa Kankhwende

For some of us, these chilly days may conjure up images of warm Grecian beaches in the Mediterranean sun…or something more attainable like Greek Saffron tea with a Bougatsa Sweet (pictured above).  Enter the Greek From Greece

The Greek from Greece Bakery is made up of a small team of traditional Greek-born pioneers who aimed to deliver authentic dishes inspired by their home to our palates. In the 1930s, their great-grandfathers progressed from selling “koulouria” (greek easter cookies) in the Athens fairs to opening two of the largest bakeries in their city. The GFG team aims to reincarnate that strong history of culinary and bakery arts, making the areas the bakeries reside in feel more like home.

Their selection includes a wide assortment of traditional Greek pies like the Olympus Cheese Pie with feta, edam, mizithra, and anthotiro (greek light cheese). As well as sandwiches and wraps full of Greek, Italian and Spanish flavors. The menu is also topped off with delicious desserts such as tarts, eclairs and Greek syruped sweets such as Kataifi and Galaktoboureko.

Luckily for us, GFG has two locations in Lower Manhattan, one at 168 William & Beekman with the second opening soon at 32 Broadway St.

Pop in for lunch or to try an authentic Greek tasty treat between 6:30 AM and 9:30 PM on weekdays as well as 7:30 AM and 9:30 PM on weekends.