Your Exclusive Climb To The Crown Starts In LM

By: J. Ferris & J. Ainlay

For generations, thousands of passenger liners brought millions of new Americans past one of the first sights of their new home — the Statue of Liberty.

Today, for locals and tourists alike, there is just one boat that will take visitors to Lady Liberty and Ellis Island — Statue Cruises.

Only Statue Cruises Brings You TO the Statue of Liberty
Leaving from Castle Clinton in Lower Manhattan, this boat is the only way to explore these legendary historic spots. Tickets can be purchased online or in person at Battery Park by the Statue Cruises ferry dock! No other tours can drop you off at the islands. Any other boat will only be able to pass the statue. Statue Cruises leave Manhattan, making stops first at Liberty Island and then Ellis Island before returning to Castle Clinton.

Buy One of Three Types of Statue Tickets
Planning your trip to the Statue of Liberty means deciding which ticket is best for you. Visitors can select one of three options — Reserve, Pedestal or Crown. While walkup tickets are available, purchasing ahead of time is recommended and cuts down on waiting time.

A Reserve ticket is purchased for a specific time and comes with priority entrance in the screening facility before boarding.

Want to get the full Statue of Liberty experience and visit the monument’s Pedestal or ascend as high as you can go to the Crown? Make sure to also get a Crown or Pedestal/Museum Access Pass. They can also be purchased on the day of your visit, but are not always available.

Don’t Believe The Hype! When it comes to getting your tickets to the Statue of Liberty, there is only one thing to avoid – street vendors hawking tickets they claim will get you to the Statue of Liberty. They won’t. While they might say otherwise, they will be selling you tickets to boats that only go around the Statue. You will not be able visit Liberty or Ellis islands.

Buy your Statue of Liberty tickets with Statue Cruises