New Exhibit Lets You Start Your Year In 1990

By: Caroline De Tino

Put down your phones and transport yourself to the 1990’s with the Skyscraper Museum’s newest exhibit, Millennium: Lower Manhattan in the 1990’s.

Millennium: Lower Manhattan in the 1990’s, which runs from now through April 2018, beautifully brings together the history of Lower Manhattan through the use of pictures, various models, maps, renderings, sketches, and more. This exhibit offers a taste of the neighborhood in the 90’s alongside every story of decline and rebirth that has hit it. Millennium also recounts another side to the story by presenting architectural schemes, civic plans, and urban legislation that further fueled both the optimism and anxieties for the area.   

Visitors will be immersed in little known facts and a plethora of intriguing models and plans, some successful and others not. There is also a model of Battery Park City featured which began to significantly expand in the 1990’s. Failed plans include SOM’s plans for a renovated New York Stock Exchange floor and tower, and a model of a proposed spire for One World Trade.  

Immerse yourself in Lower Manhattan in a new and intriguing way at the Skyscraper Museum‘s latest exhibit.