Free Films Now Showing Under The Palms

By: Caroline De Tino

Get out of the cold and under a palm tree…in Lower Manhattan!

How is this possible? Well, every Tuesday night at 7 PM from January 23 to February 27, Brookfield Place will be showing a variety of films for your viewing in their Winter Garden right under the palm trees! The movies playing include: Wonder Woman, Mamma Mia, and Rebel Without A Cause.

To make this treat even more special, viewers will get the chance to vote for movies to be shown on February 13 to February 27. The theme will be sports films and the choices include: Battle of the Sexes, Cool Runnings, Cutting Edge, Hoosiers, Miracle, Space Jam, The Triplets of Belleville, and When We Were Kings.

Click here for a full schedule and more information, including how to vote.