One Little Park Offers Three Big Meals A Day

By: Owa Kankhwende

Are you in need of a unique and fresh take on your food cart trips? Don’t let the cold weather stop you from heading over to Wall Street Park (aka Mannahatta Park) to check out two new openings.

King David Tacos brings a bit of Texas breakfast flavor to your morning in Lower Manhattan while Mannahatta Mediterranean will keep you warm with comforting Mediterranean cuisine in the afternoon and evenings.

King David Tacos offers a grab-n-go breakfast option in Lower Manhattan made by native Austinites,  in the authentic Austin style, with real Austin ingredients.  When Liz Solomon Dwyer and husband Nate first popped up in Brooklyn this summer, they served tacos and “Queso Shooters” out of their first cart and then were one of three vendors in Prospect Park. Now they opened a new cart in Wall Street Park. Choose from three different types of egg-based fillings in tortillas: The BPEC (bacon, potato, egg, and cheese), the vegetarian Queen Bean (homemade refried beans, potato, egg, and cheese), and Or’izo (Mexican chorizo, potato, egg, and cheese). 

Mannahatta Mediterranean offers a bevy of Mediterranean dishes to tickle your taste buds. You can create your own assortment by choosing a bread or bowl base, a protein (choices including Kofta and Falafel), up to three toppings and two sauces. If you have less time to be creative, there are tuna, turkey, and other grab and go sandwich specials. You can also enjoy selections of delicious kebabs, soups, and baklava to keep you warm this winter.

The carts are stationed in Wall Street Park located along Wall Street between Water, Front & South streets. King David Tacos operates Monday through Friday, 6 AM to 10 AM while Mannahatta Mediterranean is open Monday through Friday, 11 AM to 7 PM.  

So bundle up and head over for your three square meals a day!