Paradise On the Ice in Lower Manhattan

ice skating at Brookfield Place

By: Owa Kankhwende

If you ask me, there are two types of people in the world. Those who claim 2005’s Ice Princess is the best ice-skating movie, and those who believe the very glittery-Will Ferrell’s 2007’s Blades of Glory is tops.

No matter which side of this divide you fall, when the temperatures dip and snow doesn’t seem that far off, we all get the urge to put on some skates and hit the ice. This winter, when you get to that point, swing by  The Rink at Brookfield Place. A boutique ice skating experience, the 7,350-square-foot outdoor skating rink has ample waterfront views.

And if you need another reason to visit, how about two U.S. Olympians? Melissa Gregory and Denis Petukhov, 2006 Winter Games competitors host the rink and bring a stylistic ice skating experience by offering expert ice skating programs for men, women, and children. They and their talented team of instructors and coaches provide introductory classes and lessons, even customized individual athletic programs for hockey players and figure skaters.

If you’re like me and like to watch skaters perform, there are must see shows like “Stars United” on Sunday, December 3rd. Melissa and Denis will be joined by fellow Olympians Kimmie Meissner and Jeremy Abbott for an evening of skating performances and live music. Adding to the fun, 16-time Billboard #1 artist and “Dance Music Artist of the Decade” Kristine W, four-time Billboard #1 artist Jason Walker, and The Voice’s Autumn Turner will fire up the chilly crowd with musical performances.

Whether you want to live out your favorite scene from the Mighty Ducks or watch a great show, make sure to visit The Rink this winter.

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