Hidden Art Revealed By LM’s Local Artists

By: Caroline De Tino

Lower Manhattan’s canvas is getting a lot more colorful with two new art projects that are hiding in plain sight.

The neighborhood’s new mural “One World, Our Children” at Albany Plaza will finally be unveiled Monday, October 30! Street artist and ambassador to the United Nations High Commission of Refugees, Chinòn Maria, has spent 4 weeks painting this 200 foot long temporary outdoor mural which celebrates unity and the strength of working together. This piece is located on the 12 foot tall back wall of Site 5 in Albany Plaza, and features nine portraits to show our heritage and migration from every corner of the world, included Africa. This piece was made to send a powerful message to raise awareness about the refugees around the world while creating positive depictions of cultural diversity.

Conrad New York is proudly featuring a variety of Downtown Rising paintings created by World Trade Center artist in residence Todd Stone. These paintings, primarily done with watercolors, show the changes of the city skyline seen from the artist’s studio on the 67th floor of 4 WTC. This series demonstrates the emotional journey taken by the downtown community during the city’s rebuilding in wake of the 9/11 attacks. Stones’s Witness works will be included in the 9/11 Memorial Museum’s exhibit, Rendering the Unthinkable. These paintings will be on display in the lobby until December 15.

The next time you head out for lunch or are on your way home, take a peek at some new IRL artwork. Look up and enjoy the creative landscapes taking shape away from your screen!