Get Gutsy In LM With A Pastrami On White

By: Caroline De Tino

Lower Manhattan has gone back in time while moving forward by opening what is described as a quick service vegan forward lunch counter.  

Harry & Ida’s opened in 2015 with Meat and Supply Co., a general store and sandwich counter in NYC’s East Village that carries both locally sourced and prepared in-house goods. The name came to be from great grandparents Harry (“Pop”) & Ida who came to the U.S. as Hungarian immigrants and opened a Kosher delicatessen in Harlem almost 100 years ago. To keep tradition going, many of the current recipes are based off the originals from the deli.

Since I can never say no to food, I happily tried their signature pastrami sandwich with buttermilk fermented cucumber kraut, cracked rye berry, anchovy mustard, and fresh dill on a white long bun. Wait, white bread you ask? Oh yes…and it comes with a side of gutsy pride.

The bun was very soft and the cucumber added that little crunch which created a unique flavor when paired with the pastrami. The mustard was not overwhelmingly anchovy tasting but it did add an interesting kick of flavor. For those who are not a fan of anchovies, you have the option of no mustard when you order.

Harry & Ida’s offers more than just pastrami. With a variety of smoked dishes,  vegetarian options as well desserts that include old fashioned soda floats, it gives the neighborhood another great lunch option to try along with a stroll down memory lane all while enjoying homemade recipes.