East River Meets Caribbean & Tasman Seas At Kiwi Cuba

By: Gianni Caban

Take one part East River. Add a dash of the Caribbean Sea. And then top it off with a splash of the Tasman Sea. Put it all together and you get Lower Manhattan’s newest gastropub — Kiwi Cuba.

Bringing together the cuisines of Cuba and New Zealand, Kiwi Cuba serves its fusion dishes and delicious drinks with the Brooklyn Bridge as a stunning backdrop.

Whether it is sandwiches that combine parts of each country’s cuisine, nation-specific burgers, seafood options that reflect the islands’ fishing histories, or the dessert menu, Kiwi Cuba is testament to the great results that come from culinary evolution.

And no trip is complete without trying out their drink menu. Regardless of if it’s a New Zealand beer or a cocktail inspired by Cuba that will whet your whistle, Kiwi Cuba has got you covered.

No surprise for a restaurant that believes in culinary evolution, but their food and drink will be evolving so keep your eyes out for new options each time you visit!

And save yourself the flights to Havana and Wellington. Just take a walk to Front Street for a culinary experience you can’t get anywhere else in the city.