Drop Anchor At Mr. Cannon’s For A Pirate’s Loot – Arr!

By: Owa Kankhwende

Like any speakeasy worth visiting, your fun at Mr. Cannon begins with trying to find the location. Hidden within one of South Street Seaport’s old stores, you will have to play “pirate” and find it. With cards dotted around various locations at the Seaport, it’s an enticing draw for the adventurous drinker.

The master mixologist, Christopher Kerns, compiled the menu which includes seven cocktails and seven champagnes. The cocktails are upscale in quality and are in the $17 to $23 range. They include the 817 Martini, infused with gin and grapefruit. The Earth and Elegance is  a splendid mix of pineapple, beet, lemon juices blended with a striking gin and rum. The champagne selection includes the famed Dom Perignon rosé. All champagnes are served with caviar and other accompaniments.  

Unlike usual New York speakeasies, Mr. Cannon is notably spacious. There are 25 luxurious velvet chairs to accommodate a good crowd. Like the pirates of yore in search of their bounty, working through the clues to arrive at Mr. Cannon only makes the experience that much more fun! But for those landlubbers who  would rather skip the mystery before the experience, it is located at 206 Front Street.

And remember, not all treasure is silver and gold, mate!