Kick-Off NYC’s Shucking Season At Island Oyster

New York City’s history with oysters runs deep as it once reigned supreme as its quintessential signature food long before pizza, hot pretzels, bagels, and hot dogs were known to its shellfish shores. At one point it was estimated that New York Harbor contained half of the the world’s oysters! These days though, it’s easy to forget about New York’s strong connection to seafood when you’re having your usual scrumptious Italian, Chinese or sushi dish. Island Oyster is looking to change that.

Located on Governor’s Island, a unique location in the middle of New York Harbor, the island is known to provide unique experiences in art, history and recreation. Now, the island’s newest restaurant looks to elevate its status even more.

This outdoor oyster bar and beer garden offers a quick get away from the city noise, allowing people to view the Lower Manhattan skyline (with its dazzling One World Trade Center) while enjoying great food. But this new seafood spot offers more than oysters! Their menu also includes lobster rolls, burgers and a wide range of refreshing drinks.

Island Oyster is  the perfect way to end the summer and create beautiful memories for your palette and Instagram feed.