Feed Your Soul & The Rest Will Follow

By: Caroline De Tino

Indulge in a little bit of heaven at the newly opened Feed Your Soul Cafe in Lower Manhattan!

Over a decade ago, after realizing her job at the New York Stock Exchange left her life busy, but not necessarily meaningful, Mya Zoracki decided to launch Feed Your Soul Cafe. Starting out of her studio apartment in New Jersey, she was initially baking twelve cookies at a time. Nowadays, orders are made by the truckload in a factory in Kearny, N.J. where 5,200 cookies can be baked in a single hour.

I couldn’t check out the place and NOT try a little something sweet, so I went straight for their honey oatmeal cookie. Right away, I could tell this was a good choice.The cookie was sweet, but not too sweet, and had a homemade flavor you know is fresh. This cookie is sure to knock your socks off.

I couldn’t quite stop there, so in honor of National Ice Cream Sandwich Day I tried out one of their signature ice cream cookie sandwiches. The vanilla ice cream matched perfectly with their freshly baked chocolate chip cookies – it’ll leave you wondering why you hadn’t tried this deliciousness before.

Feed the sweets you know your soul is craving and stop by Feed Your Soul Cafe, now open at 14 Wall Street!