Follow LM’s Silk Road To China’s Ancient Treasures

By: Gianni Caban

From the Silk Road to the creation of negative numbers, the Western Han dynasty’s impact on the world remains strong nearly two thousand years later.

Through November 12th, Lower Manhattan’s China Institute of America invites you to expand your understanding and appreciation for this golden era in China’s history with “Dreams of Kings: A Jade Suit for Eternity, Treasure of the Han Dynasty from Xuzhou.”

The exhibit, which includes more than 76 objects on display, some dating back to 201 BCE, in the United States for the first time, examines what it was like to live in that era by decoding the dynasty’s beliefs and customs surrounding life and death.

“Dream of Kings” is broken up into four sections: The King’s Guards, Dreams of Eternity, Rapt by Jade and Life in the Afterlife.

Incorporating objects discovered during archaeological excavations, each section invites visitors to step back in time and better understand how everyone from kings and queens to commoners prepared for the afterlife.

Whether it is the chance to see the earthenware figure of a warrior on horseback or awe at the everyday objects that were expected to be used in the afterlife, the China Institute “Dreams of Kings: A Jade Suite for Eternity, Treasure of the Han Dynasty from Xuzhou” is a must-visit.

But time is ticking. While the Western Han Dynasty lasted for nearly two hundred years, you have less than three months to visit the exhibit!

For all the information you might need about the Institute and the exhibit, visit their website.