Let LM’s Celestial Artistry Launch You Out Of This World

By: Justin Dizon

Space may be the final frontier, but a new art installation at City Hall Park asks us to explore the mysteries of both the solar system and the world around us.

Earth’s Potential, an exhibition of new works by Katja Novitskova presented by the Public Art Fund, consists of seven large aluminum sculptures throughout the park.

The sculptures feature images sourced from the Internet by the artist that were made possible thanks to technologies such as powerful microscopes and satellites.

The images include Venus and Saturn’s moon, the earthworm and Hydra and were chosen with the goal of having viewers question the dichotomies of reality and fiction. In essence, the images give park visitors the chance to see into the unseen world that is around us every day.

This balance of science and poetry will be on display until November 22nd. Don’t miss your chance for a deeper understanding of Earth’s Potential!