Enjoy Pinball, Ping Pong, Pretzels & Pours At LM’s Newest “Park”

By: Caroline De Tino

If only there were more parks like this! Battery Park City’s newest bar, Treadwell Park, would have Olmstead and Vaux rethinking their life choices if they could see this spot.

Where Central Park has trees and fields, Treadwell Park has beer. Twenty rotating drafts delivered by an on-site flux capacitor – 1.21 gigawatts. Great Scott! Beer also makes an appearance in some of their cocktails and ice cream floats. The DeLoreans of beer delivery mechanisms!

Like how a park is more than just its trees, Treadwell is more than just beer. While you might be tempted to stop at complimentary self-serve popcorn when trying out the latest additions to the draft (or can and bottle, if you’re so inclined) options, Treadwell’s food is not to be missed. From giant soft pretzels and pan fried calamari to banh mi hot dogs and everything else on their menu, the food matches the beer as a draw.

An outdoor beer garden, an area for ping pong, pinball, and foosball, and 18 big screen TVs mean Treadwell has as almost as many beers as it does ways to enjoy them.

Make your way toward the Hudson River, set up shop at Treadwell Park and enjoy Lower Manhattan’s newest craft destination.