“Pizza King” Keste Brings Italy to LM

By: Justin Dizon

The best pizza in New York City can now be found in Lower Manhattan. Crowned ‘Pizza King’ of the five boroughs by New York and Food Network Magazine, Keste Wall Street recently opened at 77 Fulton Street. With locations also in Williamsburg and the Village, the high praise isn’t without merit. Run by father Roberto, and daughter Giorgia, the Caporuscio family has an impressive history with pizza.  

Roberto’s connection with pizza began in his native Italy where he grew up on a dairy farm. Now, with over a half-dozen highly successful pizzerias around the country, Roberto is the U.S President of the Associazione Pizzaiuoli Napoletani (APN). The APN is an international organization based in Italy dedicated to teaching pizza makers the art of Neapolitan pie making.  Pizza making runs in the family, as Giorgia is one of only two women to ever win first in the “Classic Pizza” category at Naples’ most distinguished pizza competition.

Keste’s menu, stuffed with 50 delicious pizzas that are as creative as they are delicious, also includes tasty antipasti and salad offerings.

For those who want to try their hand at replicating the pizzas coming out of the oven at Keste, the restaurant offers multi-day pizza making master classes for four different styles.  

From a farm in Italy to the bustling streets of Lower Manhattan, Caporuscio father and daughter are giving us something we will never tire of — great pizza!