On Your Mark, Get Set & Race Into The Future In LM!


By: Justin Dizon

If you’re hoping to buy a sweet new Mustang at Westfield’s FordHub, you’re out of luck.  That’s because the FordHub doesn’t sell cars, it sells the future of cars. The FordHub is an interactive space designed to kick-start questions and curiosity through a collection of ideas, games, and innovations.  It isn’t a store or a dealer, rather, it’s a place to engage in some fun while learning about the future of transportation.

A large marble slide contraption appeals to the kid in all of us while demonstrating a vision of how smoothly and efficiently traffic could be in the city.  A fun pair of pedal stands and lean-to-steer car games teaches how energy can be utilized while keeping things fun and competitive.  The hub even has a futuristic selfie machine that uses the same sensors the car does (that makes you look like a hologram and let’s be honest, who doesn’t want a hologram selfie?)

Towards the back, past a room covered in light-up toy car models, there is even a virtual reality experience!  Experience hands-on the feat performed in 1942 and then again in 2014: bringing and assembling a Ford Mustang to the top of the Empire State Building!  When you’re done, enjoy the virtual view of the city as if you were up there yourself.  Hope you’re not afraid of heights!

FordGuides are also around to help answer your questions and help you with your experience.  So rev your way over to FordHub for a futuristic experience in travel!