By: Jude Pierre-Louise

Ever tried poke? (No, not the game that has you running all over creation in search of strange fictional creatures.) This is a dish, a Hawaiian seafood salad to be exact, made with cubed raw fish. Poke is the food trend of the moment — and now, it has arrived in Lower Manhattan.

Curious? Take a journey to Kome Waza at 40 Water Street and have a taste of sushi, with a twist. At Kome Waza, they take all the great things you love about sushi and layer them together, poke style. When it comes to the bowls, you can have two or three proteins, a base, a couple of mix-ins, a sauce, a garnish of your choosing and some extras like avocado. For a full list of their bases, mix-ins, sauces and garnishes, check out Kome Waza.

Not feeling the whole bowl deal? That’s okay, try the onigiri (Sushi rice balls). They are guaranteed to fulfill your snacking needs. Or the Miso soup. There are plenty of tasty treats waiting for you!