Treble-Free Music Lessons In LM


By: Justin Dizon

Having treble finding quality music lessons for your kids in the neighborhood?  Well fret no more –we’ve got just the place!

Located at 70 Pine Street, Pine Street Music Studio and their staff of awarded musical experts provide top quality tutelage to children of all ages.

For families looking to get an early start, they offer group “Mommy/Daddy and Me” classes for ages 0-3.  For kids a little older, Pine Street Music Studio’s expert staff can provide one-on-one, personalized lessons in instruments like the violin, piano and guitar in the studio or even at home.  They also hold musical recitals twice a year for students to showcase everything they’ve learned.

After she moved to Lower Manhattan four years ago, owner Lea Denis wanted a place to nurture her son’s musical talent that didn’t require a drive out to Long Island or Brooklyn every weekend with her youngest toddler in the backseat.  Now, she can provide the same quality music training she once sought – and right here, in a local studio.

Hours for classes are Monday – Friday: 3 P.M.-8 P.M. and Saturday: 10 A.M.-6 P.M.  Kids can even celebrate their birthdays or special events with their team of experienced musicians to lead the fun!