Follow The Gummy Trail To LM’s Sweetest Candy Store


By: Justin Dizon

“Little surprises around every corner, but nothing dangerous!” –Willy Wonka

New at Westfield Mall, Sugarfina is Rosie O’ Neill and Josh Resnick’s way of reminding us that candy isn’t just a kid thing.  Inspired by none other than the true candy master and “dreamer of dreams,” Willy Wonka, the two searched countries all over the world for the very best candies.

These tasty treasures feature include scotch-filled chocolates from Germany, Kyoto Rainbow Gummy Blossoms from Japan and everything (and everywhere) in between! Sorry, no snozzberries — YET.

Not sure if they’ll taste as good as they look? Get a taster box! Just enough to satisfy your curiosity (but may leave you wanting more.)  Can’t decide? Get the Bento box sampler and pick up to 8 different selections.

You can even order them online and have them shipped right to your door.

“The suspense is terrible… I hope it’ll last.” –Willy Wonka