Save Up Your Schillings For Späzle In LM

schilling 3

By Dounya Guermah

You don’t need to go to Germany or Austria to get good Schnitzel. Just head a few blocks south of the World Trade Center to Lower Manhattan’s hot new restaurant, Schilling.

Named after the former Austrian currency and located in an old tenement building, this cozy, quaint eatery features authentic Austrian dishes made by Michelin-starred chef Eduard Frauneder. Known for the East Village tavern Edi & the Wolf, the bar The Third Man and the Greenwich Village brasserie Freud, Frauneder is enhancing his new Austrian fare with a Mediterranean flair. You’ll find schnitzel, spätzle and the Freud burger as well as German beer and Austrian wine to compliment whatever dish is served.

And it’s not just for dinner. Liven up your lunch with some schnitzel or spätzle at Schilling!