Get It Sweet N’ Hot In Lower Manhattan


By: Justin Dizon

Ready to try something new for lunch? Hank’s Juicy Beef offers quality meat packed in a classic Italian bun!

Over a decade after coming to New York, Henry Tibensky – resident “mover, shaker, and Italian beef maker” – grew so homesick that beef places in the city couldn’t match up to his hometown of Oak Park, Illinois that he brought home to him.  But Hanks Juicy Beef isn’t just a name.  Their grass-fed, hormone and antibiotic-free beef is sliced thin and marinated in a special au jus sauce.  So juicy that mine came double-wrapped to keep all of the flavor from getting out.  Get it sweet and hot with peppers and Giardiniera, or make it cheesy with some Provolone.

Pair up one of their signature sandwiches with their very own signature beer!  Hanks Juicy Brew pairs perfectly with his Juicy Beef for an unforgettable combo.

And finally, you can beat the heat with their home-made Italian ice with fresh lemons and lemon zest!