Breakout Artists in a Breakout Festival: River to River 2016


By: Dounya Guermah

Photos By: Jillian Pena, Darial Sneed & Cristiano Marcelli

Are you ready for a full eleven days of artistic expression, from dance to music and theatre to visual art?

The 15th annual River to River Festival will enliven Lower Manhattan from June 16th– June 26th.  From the Hudson to the East River and from the Seaport District to Battery Park, the festival brings workers, residents and visitors together for a rich array of live experiences.  It’s all free for the public and is also a great chance to see Lower Manhattan’s parks, plazas and harbor — and to soak up its history.

Featuring dozens of artists and performers — including dancer Eiko Otake and musician Alicia Hall Moran — River to River provides a platform for the arts and encourages artists to adapt their work to public spaces in new and innovative ways. Not only is this festival a way for residents, workers and visitors to come together, it is also a way for performers to put their name and style out there for the public.

Come support up-and-coming performers  and experience New York City’s lively, vivid public spaces. Click here for more details and information.