Lower Manhattan’s Manscape Architects


By: Justin Dizon

Having a bad hair day — or month?

It can happen to men, too. Lower Manhattan has a new place for high-end men’s grooming care: Eighteen Eight Fine Men’s Salon.

Located at 20 Pine street, the new outpost of the popular national chain offers quality care with a name to match, inspired by the superior metal composition of their razors (18 percent chromium and 8 percent nickel makes the steel 100 percent extraordinary).  The 18|8 service doesn’t stop at the end of a razor.  They offer a wide selection of body care tips and services, from waxing away your natural winter coat to mani-pedis (or MANi-pedis, as they say).

The staff are well-educated in men’s style and grooming products and are happy to share their advice with customers — before they try that daring new (hair) do.

So snip, shave and style your look for summer at Eighteen Eight.