C’est un Beau Place: Beauborg


By: Dounya Guermah

Authentic cuisine can be hard to come by, but when you finally hit the jackpot, it’s quite the celebration… for your tastes buds.  Brookfield’s French restaurant, Beaubourg, delivers a fête magnifique with everything from succulent escargot to mouthwatering “repas” to truffle potatoes and steak frites.

Its very French food comes with a very French menu. You feel like you’re ordering from a quaint brasserie in Marseilles. Although the names of the dishes may be hard to pronounce for some, the restaurant offers helpful descriptions under each name (so you don’t accidentally order from the raw bar section, if that’s not what you had in mind.)

Let’s not forget the sweets, especially la mousse au chocolat! This contentment-in-a-cup is brought out at 4 P.M. with 16 toppings. You can only imagine the variety there.

Go see for yourself. Beaubourg is open from 7:30 A.M. to 11 P .M.  Bon appétit!