Creative Art Rallies On Wall Street


By: Justin Dizon

Want to check out some emerging artists? You don’t need to go to Soho or Chelsea. Look no further than Wall Street!

Lower Manhattan’s capital of high finance will become the focal point of art in Lower Manhattan this spring, when it welcomes a new art project by Portal.

From May 4th-10th, Federal Hall National Memorial will play host to Portal between 10 a.m. and 5 p.m.  Developed by “4heads”, Portal is an art fair that provides emerging artists from all over the world an opportunity to showcase their talents while spotlighting historical landmarks throughout the city.  Approximately 40 artists will gather from all over the world — from Brooklyn to France to Uzbekistan — at this historic site to display their art in a diversity of different mediums.

So let Wall Street be your new destination for inspiring and creative works of art.