Big Bunnies ‘Intrude’ On Lower Manhattan

By: Justin Dizon

Want to see some humongous hares? Then hop on over to Brookfield Place!

Australian artist Amanda Parer’s traveling exhibit Intrude features a herd of towering, inflatable, white rabbits — one is 39 feet tall! — and is now at Brookfield.

Parer enjoys playing with light and dark in her art, both literally and metaphorically.  These seven colossal cottontails — despite their immense cuteness — help call attention to an important environmental issue: real rabbits are ravaging through Australia and leaving a trail of ecological destruction in their wake. Rabbits were first introduced to the country by white settlers and have since become a grave threat to endemic species.

You can catch the inflation process on Sunday from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m., after which the bunnies will make their temporary warren at Brookfield from April 17th-30th.

The exhibit marks the one-year anniversary of the reinvention of Brookfield Place and serves as a tribute to a quarter century of Arts Brookfield’s reimagining of non-traditional spaces with engaging works of art and cultural experiences.