These Treats Are Amaze-Balls!

Cafe Patoro 1

By: Justin Dizon

OMG, we need some PDQ ASAP!

Café Patoro has opened at 223 Front Street with its first ever physical location!

This long-awaited storefront specializes in the popular Brazilian breakfast snack food, pão de queijo, or PDQ for short.  These cheese-flavored Tapioca rolls also come in an assortment of flavors such as Rosemary, Maple Bacon, Black Olives, Onions & Chives, and (my favorite) the Jalapeño rolls. Each for just over a buck!  They also offer other delicious treats like savory sausage rolls and sweet servings of flan.  Wash it all down with a Guarana Antarctica, a berry soft drink straight from Brazil.

With friendly staff, talented cooks and a cozy seating area, Café Patoro makes a welcome — and yummy— addition to the Seaport District.