Red Coats To The Rescue!

Public Safety 2016

If you work or live in Lower Manhattan, you have no doubt seen our “Red Coats.”

The Alliance’s 56-member public safety crew works with the NYPD to make Lower Manhattan safe and welcoming for all. When a crisis strikes — whether a lost a child, a crime or a medical emergency — they step in to help.

Yesterday, Alliance President Jessica Lappin, Senior Vice President of Operations Ron Wolfgang and others honored 11 public safety officers for particularly exceptional service.

Among the citations:

  • Officer Ronald Washington helped secure emergency medical attention for someone who had lost consciousness.
  • Officers Nathaniel Turner and Bernard Bonnaire helped break up and report an assault involving a Taser.
  • Officers Jerry Marcus and Tenille Templeman helped a tourist get money back from a predatory vendor selling fraudulent tickets.
  • Supervisor Rose Ellis — along with officers Saidi Ali, Ivan Rivera, Brian Flowers and Juan Mora — alerted the NYPD to a suspicious package on the street and immediately secured the area until help arrived.
  • Officer Joseph Zapata sparked an NBC 4 New York news investigation into a hot-dog vendor over-charging the public.

Pictures of the event held at Bobby Van’s Grill can be found in our Flickr album.

Alliance public safety officers perform a range of other services on a daily basis — from providing directions to helping recover lost cell phones.

Let’s hear it for the Red Coats!