Lower Manhattan Is POPPING With Delicious Fun!


POP into Lower Manhattan’s Fulton Center for some delicious Pumpkin Spice Caramel, Sweet Cinnamon or All American. Are these new coffee flavors at Starbucks?  Not exactly.

Try gourmet seasonal popcorn at newly opened Pop Karma.

Now you can grab a bag or tin of this delicious, top-quality, sustainably-grown popcorn (no chemicals, additives or preservatives) either coming or going at Lower Manhattan’s newest transportation hub.  Enjoy this season’s flavors, including white truffle cheddar, pure caramel, Mediterranean sea salt & olive oil — along with the others already mentioned.

Founder Jean Tsai is obsessed with food quality. As a habitual and lifelong snacker, she searched for a delicious and healthy snack that was made from sustainably grown real food ingredients. Since she never found one, she decided to start Pop Karma. Her popcorn Chef Stephane Lemagnen is the genius behind Pop Karma’s recipes. He attended cooking schools in Paris and has cooked at Michelin starred restaurants.

Did you know popcorn is a whole grain that contains twice as many antioxidants as a serving of fruits and vegetables, on average?  So go ahead and munch without guilt, knowing it’s one of the healthiest treats you can snack on.

Pop Karma makes a great gift, with national shipping or direct delivery throughout New York City. They also cater special events with favors or even a full-service artisanal popcorn bar with custom creations.