MOAF Strikes Gold With New Exhibit

Gold Exhibit At MOAF

By Justin Dizon

You can be sure that everything glittering at the Museum of American Finance is gold!

Running from November 19th through December 30th, 2016  a new exhibit called “Worth its Weight: Gold from the Ground Up” features more than 100 gold-related items from various public and private collections (including the Tiffany & Co. Archives, designer Marla Aaron and Artist Sidney Mobell).

The exhibit is divided into rooms. The “Gold in America” room goes into depth about the history of gold and how it became a world standard.  The “Jewelry Box” room focuses on the glamour and luxury associated with gold jewelry. The “Midas Touch” room features work from world-renowned jewelry artist Sidney Mobell.  Just like the late King of Phrygia, Mobell has a talent for turning everyday items, such as a mailbox and Monopoly set, into pieces of pure gold art.

Be sure not to miss this golden opportunity!