K-Town Stretches Downtown At Gunbae

Gunbae Karaoke

By:  Chairin Lim

Now you don’t have to venture far (or up to Koreatown) to enjoy delicious Wagyu or Kalbi!

Gunbae, the new Korean BBQ restaurant located at 67 Murray St. and whose name means “cheers” in Korean has truly brought a reason for Lower Manhattan to cheer.

Have your meal cooked table side by their grill masters or you can grill yourself – either way, you’re guaranteed a mouthwatering experience.  Don’t forget to also check out their tasty bibimbop and hot pots.   Try a variation on your usual cocktail or beer by tasting some Korean plum liquor or Hwa Yo which is an artisanal rice vodka.

Not only does Gunbae have delicious Korean food, friendly staff and great ambiance, but a beautiful state-of-the-art private Karaoke room adds fun to your night and can be rented for private parties.

If you enjoy a genuine mix of good fare and entertainment, visit Gunbae soon!