Experience A New Way To “Barre” Hop In Lower Manhattan

By: Chairin Lim

Hitting the “barre” has never been better for your health!

Pure Barre, a studio that offers classes utilizing the ballet barre, has opened a new location in Lower Manhattan at 80 Pine Street. A “dancer, choreographer and a fitness guru,” Carrie Rezabek Dorr  founded Pure Barre back in 2001 — and it has flourished ever since. There are now more than 200 Pure Barre studios across the country.

Current members praise not only the friendly atmosphere of the studio but the valuable positive changes in their bodies and lifestyles. If you want to tone your whole body and burn fat in a dizzyingly short period of time and you also enjoy and a lively atmosphere, a sense of community and energetic music, then Pure Barre is for you!