Lower Manhattan Prepares For A July Blizzard Of Fun

By:  Justin Dizon

On Friday, July 10th, New York City will be celebrating the FIFA Women’s World Cup Champions U.S. Women’s National Team with its 206th ticker-tape parade!

Ticker-Tape parades have a long history in New York.  Dating back to 1886 with an impromptu celebration during the dedication of the Statue of Liberty, there have been 205 parades so far, over half of which taking place from 1945-1965.   These parades have celebrated everything from visiting heads-of-state and war veterans, to U.S Olympic athletes and champion athletic teams, such as the women’s soccer team!  Get the full scoop on all the incredible events with our FREE Canyon Of Heroes App.

Ticker-Tape parades are named for the one-inch-wide ribbon of paper on which the “ticker” machine recorded telegraphed stock quotes.  The abundance of scrap paper generated from the ticker machines used on Wall Street circa 1867 was sent swirling into the air in a spontaneous gesture outside office windows.  While ticker-tape is no longer used and has since been replaced with confetti, the tradition and fun continues.

Beginning at 11AM, the new world champions will parade their way up Broadway starting at Battery Place and finishing up with a ceremony at City Hall at about 1pm.  Now of course with something this big, there’s bound to be some changes in street traffic.  Check here for all the info.

Can’t make it to the parade? No worries.  We’ll be posting photos through our Downtown Alliance social media pages, so be sure to follow us on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Flickr.

Oh and hats off to Carli Lloyd and her historic hat trick!