Sibling Designer Duo Adds Style To South Street Seaport

William Okpo

By:  Chairin Lim

Tired of plain black and white outfits?

Then try out bold prints and colors from William Okpo this summer! Its new New York store opened right here in the South Street Seaport, at 6 Fulton Street.

Ever since it was created by two very talented sisters, Darlene and Lizzie Okpo, the brand has been hailed as hip, unique and fun.

The label is named after their Nigerian father who immigrated to New York in the 70s. The girls were inspired by their father’s ability to emulate the American dream without ever letting go of his own sense of style. Hence their label today embraces both his work ethic and his sartorial flair, which succeeded to even catch the eye of Solange Knowles.

Yes, Beyoncé’s sister.

Check out the store yourself to see if the Okpos’ outfits catch your eye too!