Bienvenue à Nouveau Quartier De Lower Manhattan!

Le Distric

By:  Justin Dizon

Can’t make it to Paris this spring? No problem — just head to Brookfield Place’s Le District. The gourmet French food marketplace is bringing the crème de la crème of French culture to Lower Manhattan.

Diners can find an assortment of food, separated in four separate “districts.” But all of it is tres dedélicieux. There are also several smaller, specialized stations, such as a butchery, a florist, a bakery and more to help you find exactly what you’re looking for.

The Garden District comes equipped with the freshest produce for all your cooking needs.  It also includes an area for coffee connoisseurs.

Looking to satisfy your sweet tooth? The Café District has got you covered with chocolates and pastries galore.

And for those who are looking for a bite to eat, the restaurant district has three wonderful eateries. L’appart provides a cozy, customized eating experience with a reservation, while Beaubourg and Le Bar are great places to spend any afternoon.

Bon appétit!