Woolworth Is Well Worth A Look

Woolworth Tours

By: Justin Dizon

After being closed for over a decade, the Woolworth Building is now open to the public.  Since the “Tourists are not permitted beyond this point” sign was placed outside the building in 1998, Cass Gilbert’s work of art that is the Woolworth arcade has been hidden away from everyone but the lucky few working in the building. Now, tours are available to anyone who wants to soak up the Gothic grandeur of New York’s famed “Cathedral of Commerce.”

The tours, which are offered in 30, 60, and 90-minute intervals throughout the week and cost between $20 and $45, are led by a collection of knowledgeable guides who know the building’s history inside and out.  This is your chance to marvel at the meticulous mosaic work and gape at the gorgeous gargoyles that decorate the Woolworth building’s interior.